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Last Updated: Sunday, June 27, 2021 EDT 9:40:37 PM

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AIWI - As Is Where Is
Alginate Thickeners - Lamitex L100 - 1340 lbs in 50 lb bags. Dialgin LV - 6000 lbs in 50 lb bags. Scotex XL - 10 drums, 4,000 lbs. Aged, in spec. $1 per lb OBO. FOB Greenville, SC. Posted BC082515

Linear Sodium DDBSA - 22% aqueous solution, 20 totes. Slightly off-spec, call or email for details. 0.30/lb FOB Greenville, SC.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - 28%, slight color, 14 totes, $0.35/lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Sodium Decyl Sulfate - 38% active, slightly high in C8 content, otherwise in-spec. 88 drums and 32 totes. $0.40/lb FOB Greenville, SC

AIWI - As Is Where Is
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dish soap - Totes only, large quantities available. Call for details. Posted V081116

Glass Dust - from edge grinding. Anhydrous, in large filter bags with <1% coolant present. 15,000 lbs. per month continuous. Make offer, FOB Western SC. Posted 091710


Varonic Q-202 - Alkaoxylated Amine, CAS # 25307-17-9. 2394 lbs in sealed drums. $0.80/lb. OBO. Click for MSDS

AIWI - As Is Where Is
SURFACTANTS, FATTY ACIDS, ESTER SOLVENTS, GLYCOLS, AMINES, OLEFINS, GLYCOL ETHERS,  SOLVENT MIXTURES - Click here for complete listing. All items FOB Gulf Coast USA, Make offer. Posted JC041221

Magnesium hydroxide paste - 6 drums 227 kg, Ferric Chloride Solution - 350 lbs. Potassium Chloride granular - 1x200 pound drum, Disodium Phosphate - 98 x 50 lbs bags. Borax - 15 x 50 lbs bags. Sulfobetaine 10 - 1500 kg in 10 x 150 Kg drums. Make offer. All items FOB Greenville, SC. Posted DN 062615

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