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Items FOB Gulf Coast USA

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 12:02:06 PM EDT
All items are subject to prior sale and are freight collect from Greenville, SC 29607

Quantities are in pounds unless otherwise indicated and quantities are subject to verification at the time of sale.
All Items FOB Gulf Coast USA


Ecosurf EH14-93% 1216- 12mole HLB 14.4 26 totes
Ecosurf EH9 1216-8 mole HLB 9 3Totes
TDA-11 28drs
11-9 15drs
24-3 14 totes
OP-5 4drs
23-6.5 17drs
NP-9 4 totes
91-6 4 totes
DA-20 4drs
17R2 10totes & 1dr
17R4 3totes
25R2 4drs
31R1 28drs
Tetronic P101 2 full totes+ 1pt abt 11drs
Tetronic P104 3drs
Minfoam 1X 10drs
Antarox L64 7drs
600DL 47drs
TO9 12.5drs
DOSS 70PG 2 totes dark
Dowfac 2A1 6 totes & 20drs
Arlasolve 200 290 pails
Mason G26 12drs
Coconut alcohol -2mole 8drs
Triton CG650 32drs
Rhodafac RE610 NP9 Phosester 3 totes dark
Miracare 2MCA 5drs
Miracare UM140 11drs
Miranol C2M Conc NP 17drs
Mirasheen 202 18drs pearlizer shampoo conc
Tergitol XJ 3 drs
Chemzoline T56 TOFA imidazoline 86drs
Chemzoline T11 AEEA TOFA imidazoline 44drs
Sodium Decyl Sulfate 56% 15,000gals
Sodium LAB Sulfonate22% 5000gals
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate29% 14 totes
SLES 25-3/60% 3000gals
ALES 60% 35totes


Oleic Acid Light Color 24drs
Oleic Acid Dark 5drs
Dimer Acid Dark 28drs
Trimer Acid light to med color 70drs
Oxidized Soy Acid 32drs


Methyl C16C18 Esters-17drs
Methyl Cocoate Ester 11drs+ 2Totes
IP 2EthylHexanoate 167drs
UCAR Ester EEP 29drs
UCAR Filmer IBT 8drs


EG 17 totes
PG 24drs
DPG 5drs
PEG M1000 3drs


MEA 99% 11drs
TEA LF 52drs
TEA 99% 14 drs

Propylene Pentamer 20drs
Propylene Tetramer 9drs
C1214 LAO 3 totes


Glycol Ether DM-35drs 99+%
Glycol Ether DE-5drs99+%
Glycol Ether DH-21drs 99+%
Glycol Ether PM-5drs 99%
Glycol Ether EB-2drs 99%


Butyl Acetate-12drs 99%
Isobutyl Acetate-2 drs 99%
DMF-16drs 99% about 0.25% Moisture
1Ucar Ester EEP-29drs 99%
Ucar Filmer IBT-8drs 99%
NMP 1 dr 99%
Propylene Tetramer-9drs 99%-similar to C12 isomerized olefin
Propylene Pentamer-20drs 99%-similar to C15 isomerized olefin .


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