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Items FOB Gulf Coast USA

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 8:15:32 AM EDT
All items are subject to prior sale and are freight collect from Greenville, SC 29607

Quantities are in pounds unless otherwise indicated and quantities are subject to verification at the time of sale.
All Items FOB Gulf Coast USA


1)Glacial Acetic Acid 99.9 -1700gals in totes

2)Caustic Soda 50%-150gals part tote

3)Caustic Potash 45%-1050gals-drs& tote

4)Phosphoric Acid 85%-735 gals-totes

5)Sodium Hypochlorite 12%-875gals totes


1)2-Ethyl Hexyl Phthlate99%- 900gals 4 totes

2)2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate 99% 590gals totes

3)30+Wax 380gals drs

4)Alpha Olefin C20-24 550gals totes

5)Burner Fuel  700gals drs&totes

6)Butyl Acrylate 99 1100gals totes

7)Chainguard 1-15(Polymer Chain Stopper) 1060gals drs

8)DER 331-300gal drs

9)Diphenyl Oxide 99%-765 gals totes

10)DowCorning 200-1000cst 173 gals

11)Dowfrost HW40(40%PG)-2000gals drs

12)Gasoline Blend 275 gals tote

13)Glycidyl Methacrylate99%  2607 gals drs

14)Hitec 4103(AO) 40gals dr

15)Hitec 6590 275 gals tote

16)DOT 3 Brake Fluid 262gals totes

17)Light Ends 750gals totes

18)Methacrylic Acid 99% 550gals drs& totes

19)Methanol99% 310gal drs&totes

20)Methylacrylate 99% 4100gals drs&totes

21)Methyl Methacrylate 99% 1750gals drs& totes

22)Methyl Palmitate 300gals drs

23)Mixed alcohols 1800gals drs& totes

24Mixed amines (MEA,DEA,TEA,MIPA,DIPA,TIPA) 2400gals drums

25)Mixed glycol ethers(defined by majority glycol ether great for paint cleaning) 34000gals drs

26)Mixed Butyl Cellosolve &Carbitol Acetate-6000gals drs

27)Mixed Primary Amyl Acetate-1000gals-drs

28Mixed Propionates 1860gals drs

29)Mixed Propyl Cellosolve 3350gals drs

30)Mixed TPnB glycol Ether 200gal drs

31)Naphthalene99% 500gals drs

32)Neodecanic Acid 1480gals drs&totes

33)PR 9000 880gals Drs&Totes

34)Styrene 775gals totes

35)Valeraldehyde 520gals drs

36)VAM 610gals drs& totes

Solvents& Amines

1)1,3 Butylene glycol 99%-650gal drs & totes

2)1,4-Butylene Glycol 99%-530gal drs & totes

3)AEEA 99% -710 gals drs

4Benzyl Alcohol 99%-150gals drs

5)Butoxy Triglycol 99%-1600gals drs

6)Butyl Carbitol Acetate 99%-1200gals drs

7)Butyl Cellosolve Acetate 99%-560gals drs

8)Butyl Propionate 99%-750gals drs

9)DEA/LFG-99%Amines-440gals drs

10)DEA 99%-880gals drs

11)DETA 99%-1300gals drs& totes

12)Diacetone Alcohol 99%- 230gals drs

13)DIBC 99% 2200gals drs

14)DIBK 99% 900gal drs

15)DIPA 99% 7000gals drs

16)DPG 99% 750gals drs

17)Dowfrost 40-2000gals drs

18)Ethyl Acetate 99%-1014gals drs

19)UCAR Filmer IBT -2800gals drs

20)Glycerin 99%-1000gals drs

21)Glycol Ether DPM Acetate 690gals-drs

22)Glycol Ether DiEPH-290gals drs

23)Glycol Ether DiPPH-200gals drs

24)Glycol Ether DPM-860gals drs

25)Glycol Ether DPnB-1500gals drs

26)Glycol Ether DPnP-2000gals drs

27)Glycol Ether DB-1100gals drs

28)Glycol Ether DE-500gals drs

29)Glycol /Ether DM-4900gals drs & totes

30)Glycol Ether EB-440gals drs

31)Glycol Ether EPH-890gals drs

32)Glycol Ether PPH-4980gals drs & totes

33)lycol Ether LOV 485-170gals drs

34)Glycol Ether PM 3350gals drs&tote

35)Glycol Ether PM Acetate 450gals-drs

36)Glycol ether PnB 320gals drs

37)Glycol Ether PnP-640gals drs

38)Glycol Ether TPnB-2100 gals drs

39)Hexane 200gals-tote

40Hexyl Carbitol Solvent 2000gals-drs

41)Hexyl Cellosolve Solvent 950gals-drs&totes

42IPA 70%-450gals drs

43)IPA 99%-520gals drs

44)Isobutanol 99%-520gals drs&totes

45)Isobutyl Acetate99%-1400gals drs&totes

46)Isoproppyl Acetate 99%-550gals drs&totes

47)sopar M 99%-1425 gals-totes

48)D'limonene99% 90gals drs

49)MDEA99% 5360gals-drs

50)MEA 99% 1900gals drs&totes

51)MEK 99% 450gals drs

52)Methoxy Triglycol 99%-170gals

53)Methyl Acetate 99%-910gals-totes

54)MIPA99% 3400gals drs

55)MP Diol99% 450gals drs

56)1-Nitropropane99% 2615gals-totes

57)NMP99%-165gals drs

58)Norkool Degreaser 880gals drs

59)N-PG-90%-790gals drs&totes

60)OFI-7860(Corrosion Inhib)-1540gals-drs

61)P-xylene99%-1400gals drs

62)N-Pentanol99% 1400gals drs

63)Pentyl Propionate99%-1500gal drs

64)Piperazine 68%-2680gals-drs

65)Pluracol P710R-1300gals drs&totes

66)Polydadamac-1995gals totes

67)Primary Amyl Acetate99%-990gals drs

68)Propanol 99%-500gals drs

69)Propionic Acid 99% 5200gal drs&totes

70)Propyl Acetate 99%-990gals drs

71)Propyl Cellosolve 99%-2100gals drs

72)Propyl Propionate99%-930gal drs

73)Propylene Carbonate99%-890gal drs

74)Propylene Glycol 99%-2100gals drs & totes

75Palm Stearin99% 250gals tote

76)Rhodamet A+88 325 gals Tote

77)Solane 100-140(LHC mix 18F Flash) 2255gals

78)Sulfix 9281Scavenger 1035gals totes

79)TEA 99% 2500gals-drs&totes

80)TEA Commercial Grade -2500gals drs&totes

81)TEA Dark(up to 500+APHA) 1500gals drs&totes

82)Tert Butyl Carbitol 50gals dr

83)TETA 300gals-drs

84)THF-1000gals drs& totes

85)TIPA 99%-8140gals drs

86)Toluene 99%-520gals drs

87)TEG 99% 2000gals drs& totes

88)TPG 99% 700gals drs&totes

89)Ucarside  2100gals drs & pails

90)UCON Fluid 50-HB-660 PCG 495gals drs


)DEMTROL UA-1900(oil demulsifier base) 1600gals drs

2)Ecosurf EH-3-440gals drs

3)Ecosurf EH-6 780gals drs

4)Ecosurf EH-9  1614gals drs

5)Ecosurf LF-30 272gals drs

6)Ecosurf LF-45 258gals drs

7)Ecosurf SA-15 8470gals drs

8)Neodol 25-7 40gals dr

9SXS 35%-500gals drs

10)Tergitol 15S9-550gals drs

11)Tergitol NP30-870gals drs

12)Tergitol NP40-330gals drs

13)Triton DF12 -1100gals drs

14)Triton DF12 flush 514  gals drs

15)Triton N57-148gals drs

16)Triton RW150 1215gals drs

17)Triton X102 240gals drs

18)Triton X114 160gals drs

19)Triton X45 110gals drs

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